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      "Paste him with a bullet and settle him," said Shorty testily, for he wanted to go on with his letter.

      you captured a rebel flag. The order was read on parade this"I wasn't in no hurry," answered Si. "That was only regler marchin' gait."

      "Well," Albin said cheerfully, "that's what we are doing. Keeping them alive, for instance. And teaching them."

      Somehow out there was a wider life, a life which took no reck of sickness or horror or self-reproach. The wind which stung his face and roughed his hair, the sun which tanned his nape as he bent to his work, the smell of the earth after rain, the mists that brewed in the hollows at dusk, and at dawn slunk like spirits up to the clouds ... they were all part of something too great to take count of human painso much greater than he that in it he could forget his trouble, and find ease and hope and purposeeven though he was fighting it.He heard himself speak. "You must go."


      "If we do it's got to be done mighty slick," said Si. "They're all mighty good boys, and spunky. They'll all want to go with us, and if they find out we've made any choice they'll never forgive us. I'd a'most as soon have one six boys as another, yit if I had to pick out six I believe I'd take Harry Joslyn, Gid Mackall, Alf Russell, Monty Scruggs, Jim Humphreys and Sandy Baker."But there was neither word nor action for him now. He tried once more to argue but his words were parried with a calm tenacity that left no room for discussion. In the end he was ready to do what he had to dohad to do in order, simply, to save Dara. There was no other reason: he needed none.


      Shorty started to gasp. "But I done all that"


      "I cannot get you out of the army too quickly. Sign this, and leave my office, and take off your person every sign of your connection with the army. I shall give orders that if you appear on the street with so much as a military button on, it shall be torn off you.""They return," Cadnan said, but without complete assurance. In this barrage of novelty, who could make any statement certain?